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Supporting leaders, organizations and communities to serve their higher purpose


Mindful Leadership 

Mindful leaders are interested in deepening their relationship to their calling and who want to increase their impact in the world.  Emphasizing mindfulness and taking responsibility for the integration of thoughts, feelings and actions, Christine uses an appreciative approach to strength-based change.  Grounded in twenty-five years of Transpersonal Psychology and Gestalt Therapy, Christine helps her clients move beyond (trans)the ego (personal) to achieve goals that balance physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs. 


Collaborative Leadership 

Collaboration calls forth a unique style of leadership that embodies an understanding of whole systems and taps into collective wisdom while grounding the work in clear operational agreements. Christine draws on her twenty-five years of counseling and coaching to help you integrate your leadership practices with the higher purpose of your work.  Collaborative Leadership Coaching is appropriate for leaders at all levels of an organization and for anybody with a desire to bring about positive change in their circle of influence. 

Change Project Design Coaching  

Change leaders call upon Christine to help them design high engagement projects that aim to be transformative for individuals, groups and whole organizations.  Christine is an international expert in blending and scaling large-group methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Polarity Mapping, Strength-Based Strategic Planning and Strategic Collaboration.  By integrating systems-thinking, integral theory, and depth psychology, Christine offers a unique basis for designing and facilitating transformative change. 

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are often the practice field for profound growth.  The more intense the dynamic between people, the more likely it is that each person will be challenged to stretch beyond their personal comfort zone.  This creates the ideal conditions for transpersonal growth.  Couples, work partners, family members, or close friends work with Christine to co-create a safe space, establish joint goals,  clarify communication, deepen their connection and experiment with and then integrate new behaviors that bring vitality to the relationship.

Phone Sessions

Coaching sessions are offered by phone in 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute increments.  

Getting Started

In the first complimentary session, you will explore the issues and opportunities that seem to be calling for attention and then begin to design the number of sessions/month and the length of the coaching commitment.  Christine uses the Enneagram personality system as an entry into the coaching relationship along with many other tools and practices acquired over 25 years of counseling and coaching.  

When it came to working on a significant personal impasse that was exhausting my time and energy - where I was clueless how to proceed - Christine seemed to effortlessly get pst my most fundamental frame of reference (whithout forcing me to work from hers) to help me discover for myself how to identify and let go of entrenched beliefs and assessments I was blind to that were not serving me. I was then able to rapidly build a much more constructive, energinzing and powerful way forward in the way I live my life and coach others that continues to be effective for me. 

Scott E. Brumburgh, MCC

Christine Whitney Sanchez, M.C. is a highly skilled coach and a powerful messenger of hope.  An incredibly wise, compassionate and visionary guide, Christine helps us prepare our soil for new growth. Offering creative strategies, insightful paradigms, and a deep respect for all cultures, she builds a platform of support -- inspiring us to leap forward on our dreams with the conviction of our heart and soul. Christine is a person and professional of the highest integrity. Her transformative work around the globe is a significant gift for our planet.  

Sammi Whytecap, MSW, LCSW   
Singer-Songwriter & Social Worker  
Jasmine Journey Records

    Christine Whitney Sanchez - Principal - IPI Southwest

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